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Utah Pioneers


American settlers in Southeastern Utah were “Mormon” pioneers. They were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who were called as part of their church responsibility to settle South Eastern Utah. Many of the early pioneers to this area were the Hole-In-The-Rock group. This group brought over 1500 head of livestock, 250 people, and 80 wagons down a sheer descent they blasted out of a rock wall near the Colorado river.

Other groups of “Mormon” pioneers moved first to colonies in Old Mexico, and then they moved to the Bluff and Blanding area to escape the Mexican Revolution.


Farming proved to be very difficult, and the area’s economy shifted toward sheep and cattle ranching. Expert sheepherders were often recruited form New Mexico by the larger ranchers.

Historic Artifacts

The Pioneer Cabin, watering trough, wagons, and farm implements you see are all historic artifacts that were brought to this site and then reconstructed to help you imagine life as a pioneer.

Please be respectful to the artifacts and buildings. Thank you! 

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