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Paiute Indians 

Hunters And Gatherers 

The Paiute people have lived in Southern Utah and parts of California, Arizona, and Nevada for a thousand years. Before and during the historic period, the Paiutes often moved frequently to gather and hunt. They lived in coneshaped wikiups, especially in the winter, or in the open air. Later some used teepees.

They knew plants very well and used at least 96 different species of plants. They also used the pinyon pine nut as an important food. Paiutes ate big and small animals, birds, reptiles, fish, and insects. They gathered and ate wild seeds, plants and roots. They grew corn squash, beans, sunflowers, wheat, and melons.

The Paiute people wore clothing made from skins and plants; or wore little clothing in warm weather. They wove baskets for storage and carrying water, hats, trays for winnowing seeds, and bowls. They also made pottery.

“The One Who Made The Earth”

Paiutes traveled and lived in small, family groups of 15-30 people. They prayed to influence the spirits of nature and to show respect and gratitude. They called the most powerful spirit being “The One Who Made the Earth.”

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