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Observation Tower  

Observe Surroundings

You may want to begin your journey at The Nations of the Four Corners by following Native tradition. Climb the Tower and get the lay of the land starting to the east, where you can see Sleeping Ute Mountain, a warrior who rests in his headdress with arms folded across his chest. Legend says that in a time of great trouble for the Ute people, he will arise and help them.

Turning a little to the south, look for what is called Shiprock or, by the Navajos, “Tse bitah,” meaning “the rock’s wing.” Moving your gaze to the southwest, you may be able to spot Eagle Mesa and other mesas in Monument Valley. To the west, atop Elk Ridge, you can see the twin peaks called “Bear’s Ears.” This was a winter camp and farmland for the Utes. To the north, look for Blue Mountain, also known as the Abajo Peaks.


No matter where you look, you will be amazed at the beauty and serenity of the land and the spectacular scenery that lies before you in every direction. You will feel the calming spirit of the land and the voices that call you from the breeze.

Please be respectful to the artifacts and buildings. Thank you! 

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We have a free map available to our visitors so you can prepare before you visit. To see all the features and get the full experience, please plan on a full day of exploring. 

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