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Mexican Settlers 

“Those Who Walk Around”

Although early Spanish explorers had their headquarters in New Mexico, groups of mounted horsemen occasionally passed through this area. They would map out the land, search for gold and silver, and make revenge raids against the Navajos. The Navajos saw them coming and going and called them “Naakai,” meaning “Those Who Walk Around.”

Adobe House 

The first Mexican Americans to build homes in this area were sheepherders hired by large ranching outfits. Their adobe construction was adapted from the architecture of Pueblo tribes.

Traditional Mexican homes were made of adobe with red clay tiles for the roof. Materials to make adobe and roof tiles were readily available and suitable to the hot, dry climate of the region. Adobe is a mud product typically made with a clay based soil, straw and water.

Builders mix the adobe and make it into bricks for construction purposes. Walls are built from the bricks, with wet adobe used for mortar. Most homes also have a thin coating of adobe on the outside to create a smooth surface. It is then whitewashed or painted.

Adobe homes are common in Mexico and the Southwestern United States, where the technique was introduced by the Spanish who first established settlements in the area. The Mexican site also has a corral for horses and sheep and a shade house for outdoor relaxation.

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