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Anasazi Ruins 

The Ancient People

The Nations of the Four Corners Westwater Five Kiva Anasazi Ruin can be accessed by car or hike. But first: Who were the Ancient People?

The Anasazi’s were ancient inhabitants of the Four Corners region. Their pueblo cliff dwellings can be found in all four states. Although there are many mysteries surrounding the Anasazi people, they arrived in this area around 2,000 years ago.

They were a very resourceful people, using irrigation systems for watering their crops, creating roads, and living in cliff dwellings that were only accessible by ladder. They were also a hardworking people because the wood used in the dwellings was often from forests many miles away.

Westwater Five Kiva Ruin

You can easily access The Nations of the Four Corners Westwater Five Kiva Anasazi Ruin by spending the afternoon hiking. This is an original Anasazi site that has been preserved. Along the trail in the bottom of Westwater Canyon, several Anasazi cliff side dwellings can be seen.

Enjoy a tranquil afternoon hike, but please be respectful to the artifacts and buildings. Thank you! 

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